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About MooseTrack Quilts & Gifts

The name Moosetrack was chosen for my love of all things woodland specifically the majestic animal the moose. Moose are active throughout the day with activity peaks during dawn and dusk which is similar to my energy spurts.

My love of quilting evolved through much patience and teaching of my grandmother Ivalee. She started teaching me the craft at a young age and started a quilt with a quilting group of her sisters and nieces for me that took her about 15 years to complete. While all of her quilting was hand quilting she taught me the love of fabric and the creations that could come with this love. She is no longer quilting but cheers me on in everything I aspire to do she is 97 years old.

While I am no longer in Montana where I had a bricks and mortar shop and the ability to see moose frequently. I now live in Southern Oregon again in a very beautiful area of nature surrounded by mountains and lakes, and a short drive to the coast. While I do not see moose here I still treasure their majestic presence.

I hope to bring the art of quilting and quilting circles eventually to my small town in Oregon.

I am a Nurse Practitioner specializing in women’s health and pediatrics. I teach full time to nursing and nurse practitioner students. I have a wonderful supportive husband and our golden retriever Chase. When not working or quilting we love to travel and go camping in nature.